Cinematica Logo Design

While at Frederator, I got the chance to help with the branding of one of their newer YouTube channels, Cinematica. They had a very particular vision of what the imagery should be -- futuristic in a very retro way. They also wanted the logo to be based off of the already-existing "Fredhead" design that is tied to their central brand. I came up with the below "projector-head" design that I thought fit the bill; it had a steampunk-android vibe that referenced old antique movie projectors


My bosses at Frederator took this concept and commissioned artist Chris Brockman to do a 3D rendering of the head, below: 


I consulted on the revisions to the design, including slimming down the mouthpiece, adding a vent, and changing the finish from a worn metal to a slicker, matte blue (like you might see on a classic appliance). I also suggested to focus more on the silhouette and have some of the gears and knobs stick out.


The revisions were made, and Frederator's graphic designer Lauren Emory created the final logo and banner, which can be seen now on the Cinematica YouTube channel (click here).


This work is copyrighted by Frederator Studios, and posted here with their gracious permission.