Pat Hughes is a digital artist from New Jersey. He enjoys intricately folding zines, Pantone color books, and drawing birds. 

He graduated with a Bachelor's in studio art (and biology) from Boston College in 2014 with departmental honors. He continued on to earn a Master's degree in illustration from the University of Edinburgh, College of Art in Scotland. 


He's worked at Frederator Studios (as an intern, freelancer, and production assistant), and New York based record label, The End Records. He's currently resident Junior Artist at Squishable.com. 

But he's also happy to work on whatever other creative project is brought to his attention, like maybe the one you, yourself, are thinking of?

Thanks for stopping by <3

Pat's work has been featured in : 



  • The Heights, independently run student newspaper of Boston College
  • The Laughing Medusa, literary/arts magazine of Boston College
  • Yellerzine//Yellerblog, arts zine based in Edinburgh
  • Impulse, culture and lifestyle magazine based in Edinburgh
  • Nomad, student magazine at the ECA
  • EatSleepDraw, illustration blog


  • Senior Show, Boston College (2014)
  • Washed Up, Edinburgh College of Art (2014)
  • Bookmarks Fair, Edinburgh (2014)
  • Waters of Leith, Waters of Leith Visitors Centre (2015)
  • R16, Warburton Gallery Edinburgh (2015)
  • Master's Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art (2015)


  • The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Vinyl Fantasy, Brooklyn